About VMW

Walt Rodriguez and Mauricio Breton, VMW Maintenance Solutions

VMW Maintenance Solutions Inc. was established in July 2001 by owners Walt Rodriguez and Mauricio Breton who have a combined experience of over 50 years specializing in service and sales of commercial equipment for the restaurant, laundry, and waste handling industries.

Walt is a native San Antonian and Mauricio was originally from Mexico City and now lives in Laredo. Amigos since high school, Walt and Mauricio ended up working as service technicians on food service equipment for one of the largest grocery companies in Texas. They both grew their careers into facilities management and equipment maintenance for numerous locations throughout South Texas and Northern Mexico.

While appreciative of the opportunities provided by their employer, Mauricio and Walt knew life had bigger plans for them. So, taking a great leap of faith and self-reliance in early 2001, Walt and Mauricio combined their assets and started VMW Maintenance Solutions as a two-man shop. Fast forward about 20 years, and now VMW Maintenance Solutions has multiple locations, a service vehicle fleet, warehouse, over 20 fulltime employees, and deep trusting relationships with some of the region’s largest brands, including HEB, Whole Foods, and P.Terry’s just to name a few.

Mauricio and Walt invest heavily in training to ensure they and their staff are proficient on the latest equipment and technology trends so you can rely on them to help your company optimize its equipment investment.

Give Walt or Maurcio a call today and let them help you improve your team’s efficiency and productivity – and your company’s bottom line.